Mill Village Guidelines

There has been a wonderful increase in players at Mill Village.  Similar questions often arise from new players, so here are some guidelines to help keep things orderly and play going smoothly:

1) Nets

Nets at Mill Village are kept along with balls and paddles in the lockable storage chest.  This equipment is accessible for all Tupelo Area Pickleball members.  If you need the combination, please contact a Board member.

All net storage bags and nets are marked with a “letter tag”.  Please do not mix nets and bags. When assembling nets for play, keep the bag near the court rather than placing them back in the storage unit. 

When arriving the courts, check to see if help is needed setting up nets.  Likewise, before leaving, check to see if a net system needs to be taken down.

Folding Nets:   The below video demonstrates one way to fold the nets. Personally, most usually fold twice and then start wrapping. Whatever works best for you and makes unwinding the net for the next session i the goal! Keep the post poles intact with the net and beware of the Velcro tangling the net!

2) Open Play

Unless otherwise designated as league play, clinic, or other special event, most sessions posted on at Mill Village are “Open Play”.

Courts are available on “first come” basis.  Should courts become crowded and players are waiting, the unwritten rule of thumb is the players waiting are “next up” when a the next game finishes.   Depending on how many are waiting, this can be “two-on, two-off” or “four-on, four-off”.  When players are waiting, one should leave their court after two games. If several players are waiting, one game.  Most importantly, be courteous of others. as we all desire to play!

Should crowds become more prevalent, a paddle system may be necessary in the future.

Another unwritten rules that naturally occurs is of the five courts at Mill Village, one court is usually is for 3.5 to 4.0, one courts for 2.0 to 2.5, and the remainder a mix of 2.5 to 3.5 players.