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No Leagues are scheduled at the present time!

League Play

Tupelo Area Pickleball members have opportunities for league play at various times of the year.

Tupelo Park and Recreation Department hosts on occassion. Their first Pickleball League in April, 2022.  Two divisions were offered and players of all skills levels participated!  It is a great opportunity for all to assist in promoting the sport locally while enjoying the game!   We look forward to new competitions in the future.

There is a casual Sunday League at the Mill Village courts for novice and intermediate players.  Beginners to < 3.5 skilled players are welcome to join.  Each week participants are split into groups playing a rotating round robin format with similarly skilled opponents.  Join us Sunday afternoons at 2:00 at the Mill Village courts!  Check for exact times.

The Spring of 2023, managed by Chris Gann, brought a new “rally scoring” team competition to the area and was enjoyed by all.  It was a great success and we look forward to more team competitions soon.   The Summer League will be cranking up in early June … stay tuned!


Novice / Intermediate Points Series

Come out and play with similarly skilled players.  It is free and open to all skill levels.   Scores are recorded and a rating is assigned based on your performance on the court.  We play 3 to 5 games each week in a round robin format of groupings of 4-5 players!  Below are the current statistics for Spring 2023!