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Pickleball is growing locally, but court space is not!  With few available facilities, crowded courts are our likely future!   As more player enter the sport, greater numbers will be showing up to play at our weekly venues.  This creates the dreaded “play and wait” game in order to get court time.   

The best way to handle this issue is a rotating paddle system to allocate and direct waiting players to the court!  It is efficient and fair for all (as long as all comply).  Below are examples of how to approach crowded courts to keep wait times to a minimum.  All games should be doubles play if anyone is waiting.  Another option is to limit games to 9 points rather than 11.

There are many variations for paddle rotations which can be used based on the number of players, their skill level, and how they prefer to manage  the courts.  However, any system demands ALL PLAYERS adhere to the rules.

Maintaining the chosen  process and educating those players that may not be familiar with the system will offer challenges. 

Fairness of equal court time for all players, of all skills, is the goal!

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