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TAP Shootout – May 1, 2021


A fun day at the Mill Village courts on a perfect day for Pickleball! Marty Herman arranged it all and used to manage the competition.
Our thanks to Marty and Kermit’s Soul Kitchen who provided lunch for all participating.

The below stats are for information purposes and do not necessarily reflect accurate overall rankings. They are sorted based on final player ratings and do not take into consideration the player’s or opponent’s strength of play. (The players ratings used in this calculation are questionable and still being researched. Refining it is a goal for future events). Final event rankings could be based on wins verses losses, point differentials, or player’s rating. Once an calculation for player ratings is implemented, an accurate events rankings can be reflected based on ratings.

TAP appreciates all participants and those who assisted with the event! Below are some images and stats from the day:

W / L
Final Rating
Worth Duperier85 - 34.0926
Mike Robinson129 - 33.9922
Scott Wagner107 - 33.9326
Gerald Landry106 - 43.7211
Marty Herman126 - 63.722
Randy Herrington126 - 63.723
Justin Dorris127 - 53.729
Denvil Crowe114 - 73.27-6
Andy Burleson95 - 43.24-3
Grayson Robbins105 - 53.20-2
Nancy Lewis93 - 63.14-20
Patrick Timmons116 - 53.09-3
Bridgette Badt124 - 82.93-29
John Bryson101 - 92.78-36

* Worth Duperier left early and did not participate in the final round.

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